Coaches Info

Club Ethos

Kinvara United operates a strict OPEN DOOR policy.
No player can be refused a place in their correct age group unless they are subject to the clubs disciplinary procedure. 

Referee Fees

Fees can be collected from Clare McGinty-Ryan from Market Square Surgery (next to Kinvara Pharmacy) Monday-Friday 9-5pm (closed for lunch 1-2pm). Please don’t leave it to the last minute to collect fees. No collection is possible outside those times.

  1. Junior Premier ———–€55.00
  2. Div 1,2,3,4 & Res——-€50.00
  3. Under 18 & 17 ———–€50.00 (increased from 45E in Sep-2015)
  4. Under 16 & 15————€35.00
  5. Under 14,13 & 12——-€30.00

Games Called off by a Referee, Incur a charge of;

  1. Junior Premier to Under 17 €35.00
  2. Under 16 to 12 €25.00

Assistants Fees

  1. Junior Premier to Under 18 €35.00
  2. Under1 7 to 12 €30.00


  1. U8, U9, U10 & U11 will be non competitive football (Maree/Oranmore)
  2. U12 will be 9 a side competitive football for GFA League and SFAI (Connacht will be 11 a side)
  3. U13 upwards is competitive 11-a-side
    1. U12            30 Minutes Each Way       Size 5 Ball, 370g
    2. U13            30 Minutes Each Way       Size 5 Ball, 370g
    3. U14            35 Minutes Each Way       Size 5 Ball, 370g
    4. U15            40 Minutes Each Way       Size 5 Ball, 450g/adult
    5. U16            40 Minutes Each Way       Size 5 Ball, 450g/adult


  1. U06 to U08 inclusive = Size 5 Ball (290g weight)
  2. U09 to U11 inclusive = Size 5 Ball (320g weight)
  3. U12 to U14 inclusive = Size 5 Ball (370g weight)
  4. U15 to adult = Size 5 Ball (450g/Adult weight)

Match day

Players on match day

  1. Plain black socks, plain black shorts.
  2. Shin-pads compulsory.
  3. Water

Managers on match day

  1. 2 match balls
  2. full stocked first aid kit
  3. full sets of jerseys
  4. The manager must not play a player who is not approved to play, as doing so is deemed to be cheating and will incur a fine of €500 and possible suspensions.
  5. Must text result of home games (and any connacht game player home or away) to KUFC secretary with 2 hours of the match being completed.

 Training Equipment

  1. ONE training ball per registered child (plus 2 spare)
  2. TWO match balls per group aged u10 and over (plus 1 spare)
  3. One full set cones
  4. One full set of water bottles
  5. Two sets of bibs (2 colours, quantity 10 each)
  6. One full first aid kit, replenished every year.

Pitch & Astro Bookings

Grass pitch in Killina

Astroturf / St. Josephs Hall

  • If you want to book the Astroturf pitch at the St. Josephs School you must arrange the booking and payment yourself via Dara Smith on (086) 353 7833

Kinvara Community Centre


Key contacts are

  1. Club Secretary click here for contact procedure.

See kufc committee for full list of members.

 Regular Coach meetings

Regular (monthly) meetings for all coaches.

Child protection

Is also about “coach protection”. Covered in Kick Start courses.


  1. Always have a second adult at all times, ideally three in total.
  2. You must take a written record of all kids and coaches present at every training and match.
  3. You should wear your KUFC coaches jackets to clearly identify you as the coach.
  4. You must sign KUFC coach application form, and complete garda vetting process via the FAI. Garda Vetting from another organisation (such as swimming club) is not acceptable.


  1. Don’t ever take a child by yourself, not even to hospital, not even a lift to the end of the road. You ring the parent, the parent takes responsibility once the child leaves the field.

KUFC Club Policies & Procedures

The club policies and procedures are created under the guidance of the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport, Irish Sports Council and Football Association of Ireland (FAI) Code of Ethics & Good Practice for Children’s Soccer. There are two documents:

  1. KUFC Child Protection Policy 2012 v1.1
  2. KUFC Code of Conduct 2012 v0.3

Training Session planner

One hour training should be broken into three parts.

  1. warm ups / games
  2. technical drills / games
  3. match


  1. 1 ball per child
  2. dynamic stretching (just stretching on the move)
  3. play small sided games (2 v 2, 4 v 4)
  4. coach shielding the ball
  5. always finish with a match
  6. keep it simple
  7. you can reuse drills over and over, e.g., passing in a straight line


  1. no big long match – max 20 mins
  2. no laps for warm ups
  3. over coach – ” Do you constantly yell orders at your players rather than let them make their own decisions on the pitch?”

FAI Player Development Plan

Introduced for July 2015, downloaded at

 Galway & District Leagues [TO BE REVIEWED from FAI PDP 2015]


Competitive leagues, with divisions based on team ability (Premier, Division 1, Division 2 etc).

Result tables maintained. Promotion & relegation at end of season. League trophies & medals for winners.

Fixtures set 10 days in advance, published at KUFC fixtures on Galway FA website

GFA Leagues – Substitutes

  • U11 to U16 inclusive, from Sept-2015 roll-on roll-off.
  • U17,U18 & Junior, max three substitutes from seven numbered 12 – 18, the match card may be used.

Match results

  • League matches – Coach of home team must text Kinvara secretary by no later than 6pm on Saturday evening.
  • Cup matches – Kinvara Coach must text Kinvara secretary regardless if home or away

Registration Periods

  • FAI Rule 34.1 – “The registration period for the Amateur game, other than the SFAI, shall be 1st June to the 31st of March inclusive for the winter season and 1st of December to the 30th of September inclusive for the Summer Season.”

Registration Process & GFA Fees

  1. Players must be registered onto the Galway FA online system (Sports manager).
    1. All players require their full name, date of birth, postal address, previous club
    2. Adult players need in addition: mobile number, email
    3. Juvenile players need in addition: 1 guardian name, guardian mobile, guardian email
  2. As of Aug-2014, a single form (FAI approved) must be printed off which is specifically for that player
    1. The player MUST sign (applies to juvenile and adult)
    2. The guardian MUST sign for juveniles
    3. The club secretary must sign
  3. As of Aug-2014, the full player registration fee must accompany the form when sending into GFA
  4. As of  Galway FA 2015 Rules, Version 1.2 (latest version as of Oct 2015) The following registration charge shall be applied to each player in the GFL:
    1. Junior Male €30, reduced to €15 if the number of league games is less than 12 over the season.
    2. Junior Female €25, reduced to €10 if the number of league games is less than 8 over the season.
    3. School Boy €10, reduced to €5 if the number of league games is less than 6 over the season.
    4. School Girl €7, reduced to €5 if the number of league games is less than 6 over the season.
  5. As of Aug-2013, the Galway FA send out a list of approved players via email on Friday evening approx 6pm
  6. The manager must not play a player who is not approved to play, as doing so is deemed to be cheating and will incur a fine of €500 and possible suspensions.

Multiple Panels (Juvenile only)

  1. Juvenile players are allowed to be registered on up to TWO panels only, either one age group up or adult team.
  2. For example
    1. U18 male can be on U18 boys panel and also the senior mens team. Only one registration fee of €10 applies
    2. U12 boy can also play on U13 team
    3. U16 girl can also play on Womens team

Transfer Periods

  1. Players require the permission from both clubs, both secretaries must sign FAI transfer form.
  2. Players may only transfer between dates X and Y shown below:
    • FAI Rule 34.2 – “The transfer period for the Amateur game shall be 1st June to 30th September inclusive and the 1st December to 31st January inclusive with he exception of (3) below”
    • FAI Rule 34.3 – “The transfer period for all football under the jurisdiction of the SFAI up to and including the under 16 grade shall be 1st August to 15th October inclusive in the current season.”
    • Ladies tbc


  1. Teams must be on the pitch 10mins before kick off.
  2. Each team must have two match footballs.
  3. Both teams should have first aid kits.
  4. All players must have shin-pads.
  5. All players must have black socks and black shorts, with no advertising on them and no other colours.
  6. Any long under-garment (eg compression shorts) must be in black.

Game time / Substitutions

  • See FAI Player Development Plan (PDP)

Postponing a match

  • See Club Secretary Procedures for guidelines on changing fixture.
  • On match day, the Galway FA say that the referee will be the only individual who can postpone a game because of an unplayable pitch.


Development leagues

Development leagues such as Maree/Oranmore invitational tournament, friendlies, any 7-a-side or 9-a-side leagues.

It is about young players togging out in their club colours and representing their communities in an enjoyable atmosphere conducive to the promotion and development of the game at local level.

Seek to minimise the competitive side of the tournament.

The results of all matches shall not be published in any format.