covid for coaches

Training Protocol (COVID-19 Officers & Coaches)


Updated: 25 August, 2020


  1. Under no circumstances is the group size to be greater than the FAI protocol, which are:
    • 15 per pod (including coaching staff)
    • Each pod must be completely independent of each other, including equipment, sanitation, etc…
  2. Each group must have one dedicated COVID-19 officer. The sole responsibility of the group COVID-19 officer is to ensure FAI & HSE compliance protocols
  3. COVID-19 officer must be present in any group for all engagements.
  4. COVID-19 officer must be wear COVID-19 hi-vis at all sessions where people in attendance other than players/coaches recorded on ClubForce app.
  5. Access to any club building is not permitted under any circumstance unless it’s been logged by covid19 officer. Any coaches needing access must contact club covid-19 officer
  6. All equipment used for training session must be sanitised after every training session. Sanitizing equipment will be provided to all groups.
  7. Masks and gloves will be provided. It is the responsibility of the officer to ensure there are sanitizing spray, wipes, surgical masks, & latex gloves.
  8. If someone needs to be treated, the person attending to the injury is required to wear mask & gloves.
  9. The group COVID-19 officer can delegate duties, but it’s still their responsibly to ensure compliance protocols are followed.
  10. Send COVID-19 related queries to club’s COVID-19 office, Olivier Guillot.