Training Protocol (Players & Parents)

  1. No waiting/parking permitted. There is a one way system in place at the pitch so go straight ahead as you enter the pitch, drop off child and exit.
  2. Drop off no earlier than 15 minutes before or after session start time.
  3. Collection: no entry to car park 15 minutes prior to end time of session.
  4. Players should come onto the pitch only via entrance and leave via exit as indicated by signage.
  5. All players must sanitize hands upon arrival AND exiting the pitch. Hand sanitizer are provided at entrance and exit.
  6. Players must bring their own water bottle.
  7. Only players/coaches who accepted the ClubForce invitation can attend training.
  8. If a club member comes into contact with a suspected COVID-19 cases, immediately contact club COVID-19 officer, Olivier Guillot. And await further instruction from club. Absolutely no further communications be must made except to club executive committee.
  9. If a player displays suspected symptoms of Covid-19 during a session:
    • Suspected player must be given a face mask
    • Suspected player must be isolated immediately from the rest of the attendees.
    • Contact must be made with a parent/guardian of any underage player who is suspected of contracting COVID-19.
    • Immediately contact club COVID-19 officer, Olivier Guillot.


Confirming Attendance in advance

Parent must have downloaded the clubforce app and accept the invite by following all the Covid Qs along with temperature of your child.

Parents will need to do this for every training session and match.


Just to make everyone aware of a couple of things we have to now do under FAI AND HSE GUIDELINES

1) No Waiting/Parking permitted for training.

At the pitch there will be a strict drop and collect policy. A one way/ no parking system has been put in place in the car park.

Players will be asked to enter the pitch at the entrance nearest the containers. A well labelled sanitising station has been put in place at both the entrance and exit to pitch which all players and coaches are to use upon entering and exiting.


2) Please Drop off within 15 minutes of the session starting

3) The Session tonight Will End SHARP at the time specified

4) Please arrive for collection within 15 minutes of the session starting

5) For collection please use the same one way system and go to the end to allow more cars to enter.

6) All Players must sanitize hands on the way in and way out of the pitch.

Other than these the training sessions should be fairly normal for the lads when they get out on the pitch..

Please be aware that only those who have accepted the training invitation can attend, this is to Comply with hse and FAI Guidelines on contact tracking.
If anyone needs more help please let me Know.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5a

If you can Answer NO to all the Qs and temp is below 37.5, then you can press the blue ACCEPT button.

If the answer is YES to any question, you should press the red DECLINE button.


If you accidently turned off notifications for your group, you will no longer receive invites to the players session.

To turn NOTIFICATIONS back on:

  1. Home menu
  2. click group icon on bottom left
  3. tick notifications on the top right