Xmas 2015 Tournaments

Everyone loves a game of football just after Christmas. What better way to play than with your friends.

On Saturday St Stephens Day there is a 5-a-side organised by the A’s and B’s teams.

On Sunday 27th December there is a 5-a-side organised by the masters players. The only restriction is that players must be aged 35 or over to play.

Link to St Stephens Day Facebook event

Link to Over 35s Facebook event

Entry fee is €10 to each tournament. Squads of 7 players. Trophies for winners.

Assemble at 10.30 each day, first games kicking off at 11am, finish by 1pm.

KUFC 5-a-side St Stephens Day

KUFC 5-a-side Over 35s